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Q: How does the player work?

A: To play or pause the video, push the button in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. In full-screen mode, you can also push the spacebar to play or pause. You can move your mouse to any spot on the play bar and click to start the video from that point.  

Q : What do I do if a video won't load or I see a “Vimeo” logo where a video should be?

A: Refresh your page, and the videos should load correctly. 

Q: Can I view a video in full-screen?

A: Yes! Just click the icon that looks like four arrows pointing away from one another in the lower right-hand corner of the individual video, and it will go to full-screen mode.  

Q: How do I exit full-screen mode?

A: Click the icon in the lower right-hand corner of the video or push the “Esc” key. 

Q: I can't hear anything when I'm viewing the videos.

A: Make sure your computer speakers are on, and that the video's volume is turned up. To adjust the volume, click the blue bars next to the full-screen icon. The more blue bars are lit up, the higher the volume level of that video. Remember, there is only sound during the “solution” portion of the videos.

Q: Who is the signer?

A: Sara J. Stuckey was raised in Montana in a deaf/hearing household and was fluent in sign language by the time she was 3 years old. Ms. Stuckey has taught sign language to elementary school children and offered interpretive/transliterative services to deaf & hearing consumers at Montana State University College of Technology, Great Falls and at California State University, Northridge (through the National Center On Deafness). Ms. Stuckey is an actress living in Los Angeles and is a proud member of SAG. www.sarajstuckey.com

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