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ASL Web Links

==ASL Dictionaries==

ASL Browser
my favorite site for looking up words (uses Quicktime to play videos)

fast becoming my go-to site: has several different video dictionaries of vocabulary, plus quizzes

A Basic Dictionary of ASL
Word descriptions, but with a link to the ASL Browser for video, where available.

Signing Savvy
Has both word descriptions (if you register -- it's free) and video.

Lifeprint Dictionary
Both word and photo descriptions, plus some video.

ASL Pah!
a journal for ASL students and teachers (is somewhat dated, but has some good info re: deaf culture and the like)

Sometimes the word in English can't be found in ASL -- use the thesaurus to find other words with the same meaning.


Fingerspelling Practice
(really excellent resource for practice -- uses photos)

Fingerspelling Patterns
(Quicktime movies; slow to load)

Fingerspelling font

==Other Resources==

Deaf Library
ASL Info


OhSoEz SoCal calendar of events

"Deaf Coffee"

==Online Classes==

free online ASL class

Signing Online
online ASL class (not free)

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